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Converts a TZX file to a TAP file.

This tool is useful to convert TZX files to the TAP file format. Some emulators or computers like the ZX Spectrum Next are unable to read TZX files, but accept the simpler and more restricted TAP file format. This tool converts a TZX file into this format.

Note that only Standard Speed Data Blocks can be used in TAP files. tzxtap stops with an error if it discovers other block types in the TZX file, unless the --ignore option is set.


tzxtap [-h] [-o TARGET] [-i] [file]
  • file: TZX file to read from, or stdin if not given.
  • -o, --to: Target TAP file to write. If omitted, stdout is used.
  • -i, --ignore: Ignore blocks that cannot be stored into a TAP file.
  • -h, --help: Show help message and exit.


tzxtap -o tape.tap tape.tzx

Read tape.tzx and generate a tape.tap file from its Standard Speed Data Blocks.

tzxtap --ignore -o tape.tap

Like above, but ignore all blocks that cannot be used in TAP files.