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Merges multiple TZX files into a single TZX file.

Multiple TZX files can also just be concatenated (e.g. cat file1.tzx file2.tzx > files.tzx), but this will add an unused "glue" block. tzxmerge merges TZX files without a "glue" block. It also fails if one of the files is not a TZX file.

This tool also accepts TAP files. They are converted to TZX format internally.


tzxmerge [-h] [--to TARGET] files [files ...]
  • files: TZX files to merge.
  • -o, --to: Target file. If omitted, stdout is used.
  • -h, --help: Show help message and exit.


tzxmerge -o demo.tzx demo-loader.tzx demo-screen.tzx demo-binaries.tzx

Creates a demo.tzx file consisting of demo-loader.tzx, demo-screen.tzx and demo-binaries.tzx.

tzxmerge -o demo.tzx demo.tap

Converts the TAP file demo.tap to a TZX file demo.tzx.