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Splits a TZX file into its different programs.

This tool is useful to automatically split up a single TZX file of a mixed tape with different programs. tzxsplit searches for a ZX Spectrum "Program" block, and then extracts the program itself and all subsequent blocks up to the next "Program" block.

Each program and the subsequent blocks are written into a separate TZX file, which is named like the program itself. A number is added to the file name, in order to avoid file name collisions.

If the tape file should not start with a "Program", all blocks up to the first Program are stored into a TZX file called "preamble.tzx".

See also tzxcut.

This tool also accepts a TAP file. It is converted to TZX format internally.


tzxsplit [-h] [-d TARGET] [-s] [file]
  • file: TZX file to read from, or stdin if not given.
  • -d, --dir: Target directory of the generated TZX files. If omitted, the current directory is used.
  • -s, --skip: Instead of writing a preamble file, just skip all blocks up to the first program.
  • -1, --single: Split at every loadable file instead of splitting at every program.
  • -h, --help: Show help message and exit.


tzxsplit tape.tzx

Read tape.tzx and generate TZX files for all the programs (and the subsequent data blocks) found in it.