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The only purpose of this tool is to post-process and clean up TZX files that have been just generated by a tape converter. It will set idealized timings for ZX Spectrum blocks where applicable. It will remove all unnecessary blocks, like comment blocks or (optionally) blocks with a bad CRC.

The result might not be loadable at all, so be careful and keep a backup of the original file.

It is not necessary to use this tool on the output of tzxwav, as it wouldn't change anything.

Use tzxcut to manually clean up all kind of TZX files.

This tool also accepts a TAP file. It is converted to TZX format internally.


tzxcleanup [-h] [-o TARGET] [-c] [file]
  • file: TZX file to read from, or stdin if not given.
  • -o, --to: Target file. If omitted, stdout is used.
  • -c, --stripcrc: Also remove all data blocks with a bad CRC. They would usually lead to a "tape loading error".
  • -H, --headermustmatch: Remove all blocks that are not preceeded by a matching header.
  • -h, --help: Show help message and exit.


tzxcleanup recording.tzx | tzxls -l

Shows the content of a cleaned-up recording.tzx file.

tzxcleanup -o game.tzx recording.tzx

Cleans up a raw recording.tzx file and writes it to game.tzx.