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This is a collection of command line tools for processing TZX files. TZX is a common file format for preserving computer tapes of the ZX Spectrum, but also Amstrad CPC and C64. All the tzxtools are witten in Python 3.


  • Convert your old ZX Spectrum tape recordings into TZX files.
  • List, split, merge, and divide the blocks inside TZX files.
  • Extract binary content from TZX blocks.
  • Read hex dumps, disassembled Z80 machine code, or BASIC code.
  • Convert ZX Spectrum screens to PNG files.
  • Generate TAP files for ZX Spectrum Next and some emulators.
  • Disassembler also supports all undocumented Z80 instructions and ZX Spectrum Next instructions.


pip install tzxtools

The Tools

  • tzxcat - Extracts file data from a TZX file
  • tzxcleanup - Removes all clutter and leaves a clean tape file
  • tzxcut - Cuts blocks from a TZX file
  • tzxls - Shows the contents of a TZX file
  • tzxmerge - Concatenates multiple TZX files into one file
  • tzxsplit - Splits a TZX file into separate programs
  • tzxtap - Converts a TZX file to a TAP file
  • tzxwav - Converts WAV file tape recordings to TZX files

Open Source

tzxtools is open source software. The source code is available at GitHub, and is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License (GPLv3).