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Releasing Your Project

Your project is completed and ready to be published? The Next Skeleton is here for you, too!

As a first step, you should clean your project, just to make sure there are no old and unwanted files in the release later.

ant clean

Now you can build the release.

ant release

It assembles all the files for your project. If it was successful, you will find a choice of release files in your dist directory:

  • dist/package/: This directory contains all the files that need to be released. You can copy it to the SD card of the ZX Spectrum Next, or compress it for publication.

  • dist/ For your convenience, there is a zip file that is ready to be uploaded somewhere. Your users just need to unpack it into a directory on the SD card of their ZX Spectrum Next.

  • dist/image.mmc: This image can be copied to an SD card via dd. When inserted into a ZX Spectrum Next, it will immediately start your project. This is useful if you intend to distribute your project on SD cards.

  • dist/helloworld.nxt: If your project only consists of this single file, you can just distribute the .nxt file itself of course.

Instead of helloworld files, you will see .zip and .nxt having your project's name, of course.