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New Projects

As mentioned in the quick start, the nxtsetup tool is creating a new project for you.

The only required parameter is your project name. It must only consist of ASCII letters and numbers. A few special characters (_, -, + and .) are also permitted except at the start of the name. The project name must not exceed 32 characters.

This project name will also be the name of your .nex file, and the directory on the SD card where your project can be found later.

./nxtsetup my-project

If you invoke nxtsetup like that, it creates a new project in the current working directory.

There are a few options to change your initial project setup:

  • -s, --size: The size of the MMC image file to be created. Default is 1 GByte, which is plenty of space for the ZX Spectrum Next. You can choose other sizes like 512M, 1G, 2G. The image is created as a sparse file (if permitted by the underlying file system), so empty blocks are not consuming space on your harddisk. Be careful when copying the dist/image.mmc file, as the copy may allocate the actual file size on the target disk.

  • -u, --url: The URL of the ZX Spectrum Next distribution to be used. It must be a ZIP file. You will find the latest version at the official ZX Spectrum Next website. Just copy the link to the System/Next distribution LITE VERSION (zip format). Do not use the board-backers version. If you are unsure, just skip this option and use the default.

  • -d, --dir: The directory where the project is created. If omitted, the current working directory is used.