Class AcmeResource

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AcmeJsonResource, Certificate

public abstract class AcmeResource extends Object implements Serializable
This is the root class of all ACME resources (like accounts, orders, certificates). Every resource is identified by its location URL.

This class also takes care for proper serialization and de-serialization of the resource. After de-serialization, the resource must be bound to a Login again, using rebind(Login).

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  • Method Details

    • getLogin

      protected Login getLogin()
      Gets the Login this resource is bound with.
    • getSession

      protected Session getSession()
      Gets the Session this resource is bound with.
    • rebind

      public void rebind(Login login)
      Rebinds this resource to a Login.

      Logins are not serialized, because they contain volatile session data and also a private key. After de-serialization of an AcmeResource, use this method to rebind it to a Login.

      login - Login to bind this resource to
    • getLocation

      public URL getLocation()
      Gets the resource's location.