A device is a piece of hardware that is equipped with sensors. Geordi knows a set of device types already, so it is easy to get sensor readings from them:

Adding new devices

With some Java knowledge, it is easy to add other hardware devices to the Geordi source code:

  • Add a new class to the org.shredzone.geordi.device package. It must extend the class org.shredzone.geordi.device.Device.
  • Implement the List<Sample> readSensors() method. It must return Sample instances for each sensor that was read.
  • Use getConfig() to read the device’s JSON configuration.
  • You may use Guice in your device class, e.g. for injecting the DatabaseService.
  • Remember to add a binding to your device implementation in org.shredzone.geordi.GeordiModule.

If you think other people might be interested in your device class, please consider to send a pull request. I will gladly add your class to Geordi’s code base. Please remember to add some lines of documentation as well, so other people will know how to use your class.