All Classes and Interfaces

Abstract implementation of AcmeProvider.
A representation of an account at the ACME server.
A builder for registering a new account with the CA.
The root class of all checked acme4j exceptions.
An extension of AcmeResource that also contains the current state of a resource as JSON document.
A runtime exception that is thrown when an AcmeException occured while trying to lazy-load a resource from the ACME server.
A general network error has occured while communicating with the server (e.g.
A runtime exception that is thrown if the ACME server does not support a certain feature.
A runtime exception that is thrown when the response of the server is violating the RFC, and could not be handled or parsed for that reason.
An AcmeProvider provides methods to be used for communicating with the ACME server.
A rate limit was exceeded.
This is the root class of all ACME resources (like accounts, orders, certificates).
A server side process has not been completed yet.
The ACME server returned an error.
The client is not authorized to perform the operation.
The user is required to take manual action as indicated.
Contains utility methods that are frequently used for the ACME protocol.
Enumeration of PEM labels.
Represents an authorization request at the ACME server.
Represents an issued certificate and its certificate chain.
Utility class offering convenience methods for certificates.
A generic challenge.
A provider that creates a Challenge from a matching JSON.
Annotates the challenge type that is generated by the ChallengeProvider.
Connects to the ACME server and offers different methods for invoking the API.
Generator for a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) suitable for ACME servers.
Default implementation of Connection.
Implements the "dns-01" challenge.
A generic AcmeProvider.
Implements the "http-01" challenge.
A generic HTTP connector.
Represents an identifier.
Utility class that takes care of all the JOSE stuff.
A model containing a JSON result.
Represents a JSON array.
A single JSON value.
Builder for JSON structures.
Utility class offering convenience methods for KeyPair.
A Login into an account.
A collection of metadata related to the CA provider.
Contains network settings to be used for network connections.
A representation of a certificate order at the CA.
Start a new certificate Order.
A JSON problem.
Renewal Information of a certificate.
Enumeration of standard resources, and their key name in the CA's directory.
An Iterator that fetches a batch of URLs from the ACME server, and generates AcmeResource instances.
An enumeration of revocation reasons.
A Session tracks the entire communication with a CA.
An enumeration of status codes of challenges and authorizations.
Implements the "tls-alpn-01" challenge.
A generic extension of Challenge that handles challenges with a token and keyAuthorization.
Normalizes line separators in an InputStream.