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pyquaero comes with two Aquaero related tools.

Setting the Clock

pyqsettime is a simple example tool that sets the real time clock of your Aquaero to your system's time.

pyqsettime --help shows the usage. Without arguments, it will set the clock of your first Aquaero device.

Note that pyqsettime cannot be used while pydq is running on the Aquaero device. However, pydq already takes care of setting the real time clock and keeping it up to date.

Pyquaero Server

Pyquaero provides a HTTP web service that communicates via simple commands and JSON. It is called pyqd.

pyqd --help shows its usage.

If you just start pyqd, it connects to the first Aquaero device found, and listens on port 9500 for HTTP requests. It also takes care of keeping the Aquaero real time clock up to date.

These end points are currently implemented:

  • status - Return the current status of the Aquaero device as JSON (e.g. temperatures and fan speeds).
  • settings - Return the current settings of the Aquaero device as JSON.
  • strings- Return the current customizable strings of the Aquaero device as JSON.

Example: http://localhost:9500/status returns the current state of your Aquaero as JSON data.

Memory Dump

pyqmdump is a tool that is mainly used for reverse engineering. It saves a binary dump of the current status and the settings, and also saves a dump of the flash memory. The dumps are saved to the current working directory.

This tool ignores the firmware and structure version. Invoking the tool may be harmful to the Aquaero device, because it is unclear how unknown firmware versions react on the USB commands send to it. For security reasons, it won't start unless a special parameter is set on the command line, so you cannot run it by accident.


Only invoke pyqmdump if your Aquaero does not currently serve any vital purposes (like actually cooling a computer). It may crash or behave erratic while running this tool. Connected fans and pumps might stpp.

We strongly recommend to reset the Aquaero after creating the dump files, by disconnecting it from power for a few seconds.