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After a firmware update, some features may not be supported by pyquaero any more (see the table below). If you require a feature, make sure it is still available after the firmware has been updated, before performing the update.

It is not possible to downgrade to an older firmware version again, so do not update if everything is working fine for you.

Supported Firmware Versions

These are the Aquaero firmware versions currently supported by pyquaero:

Firmware Versions Structure Version Read Status Read Settings Change Settings Read Strings Change Strings Set
2104 1200 Yes Partial No Yes No Yes
2103 1200 Yes Partial No Yes No Yes
2102 1200 Yes Partial No Yes No Yes
2101 1200 Yes Partial No Yes No Yes
2100 1200 Yes Partial No Yes No Yes
2009 1200 Yes Partial No Yes No Yes
1036 1013 Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
1030 1013 Yes Yes No Yes No No
1029 1013 Yes Yes No Yes No No
1028 1013 Yes Yes No Yes No No

Yes: Feature is (almost) fully supported. Some rarely used parts may be missing, though.
Partial: Feature is essentially supported, but some important parts are still missing.
No: Feature is not supported at all.

Other Firmware Versions

Your firmware version is not listed above?

If the structure version still matches, other firmware versions may be supported as well, but are then untested. If you can spare some minutes, please file an issue so we can add your firmware version to the list.

If the structure version is unknown, pyquaero refuses to connect to the Aquaero device. More or less extensive changes to the source code are then needed to make this firmware version work.

If you was able to add support for another firmware or structure version, please send in a pull request!

Latest Firmware

Aqua Computer GmbH & Co. KG has kindly donated an Aquaero LT for development purposes to this project. It allows me to reverse engineer the latest Aquaero firmware, and eventually support it in pyquaero.

Although this is good news, there are some caveats:

  • It may take a while until the latest firmware is supported by pyquaero. If you rely on a working pyquaero, do not update the firmware of your Aquaero until it is supported.
  • There is no guarantee that a firmware version will be supported by pyquaero. It still bases on reverse engineering, which may turn out to be impossible.
  • Even though Aqua Computer donated an Aquaero device to this project, it does not mean that they officially support or endorse it. You are still using pyquaero at your own risk!