Welcome to shredzone.org

This is my site for software development.

All of these projects are Open Source. If you would like to contribute, or adopt a discontinued project, please feel free to contact me.


  • Cilla: Blog Software written in Java
  • commons: Useful Java libraries and frameworks
  • flattr4j: A library for integrating Flattr in Java applications and web sites
  • PdbConverter: Converts Palm PDB files into more common file formats
  • PHP Mini Gallery: A very simple gallery PHP script

Discontinued Projects

  • Bullshit Charts: A random charts generator
  • Emtea: MTA solution and web configuration frontend
  • Jinn: Translation tool for Java properties files
  • OOPerlDoc: API documentation generator for Perl source codes
  • RepoWatch: Web frontend for watching yum repositories
  • YAMI: Amiga mouse interface