Cilla is a weblog written in Java.

The source code can be found at GitHub and is distributed under the terms of GNU Affero General Public License Version 3.

Quick Start

Cilla does not come with fancy installers and a large pool of themes. At least, not yet…

The best way to get to know Cilla is to read the Getting Started document, and set up the xample blog. You are going to need Java skills for that, though.


Cilla consists of these modules:

  • cilla-admin - Administration web frontend
  • cilla-core - The Core: Data repository, search, event handling.
  • cilla-service - High level services.
  • cilla-view - All web views required for a standard blog.
  • cilla-web - Everything for the web: tab library, content handlers, renderers etc.
  • cilla-ws - Web services provider.
  • cilla-ws-client - Client for accessing the web services.
  • cilla-xample - An example blog implementation. A good starting point for your own blog.