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cacheCleanup() - Method in class org.shredzone.commons.gravatar.impl.GravatarServiceImpl
Cleans up the gravatar cache.
computeHash(String) - Method in interface org.shredzone.commons.gravatar.GravatarService
Computes the Gravatar hash for a mail address.
computeHash(String) - Method in class org.shredzone.commons.gravatar.impl.GravatarServiceImpl


doService(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse) - Method in class org.shredzone.commons.gravatar.GravatarCacheServlet


fetchGravatar(String) - Method in interface org.shredzone.commons.gravatar.GravatarService
Fetch a File of the Gravatar image for the given hash.
fetchGravatar(String) - Method in class org.shredzone.commons.gravatar.impl.GravatarServiceImpl


GravatarCacheServlet - Class in org.shredzone.commons.gravatar
A servlet that proxies requests to the Gravatar server, and caches the image results.
GravatarCacheServlet() - Constructor for class org.shredzone.commons.gravatar.GravatarCacheServlet
GravatarService - Interface in org.shredzone.commons.gravatar
A service for accessing Gravatar avatars.
GravatarServiceImpl - Class in org.shredzone.commons.gravatar.impl
Default implementation of GravatarService.
GravatarServiceImpl() - Constructor for class org.shredzone.commons.gravatar.impl.GravatarServiceImpl


org.shredzone.commons.gravatar - package org.shredzone.commons.gravatar
org.shredzone.commons.gravatar.impl - package org.shredzone.commons.gravatar.impl
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