Creates a link to a Cilla view.


A combination of these parameters, to find a matching view to link to:

  • page: Page instance
  • category: Category instance
  • tag: Tag instance
  • author: User instance
  • section: Section instance
  • picture: Picture instance
  • header: Header instance
  • ref: A generic Linkable instance
  • commentable: Commentable instance

A view can be further selected by its view name and/or qualifier:

  • view: View name
  • qualifier: View qualifier

These parameters are optional:

  • anchor: An anchor to append to the generated URL
  • id: id attribute of the generated <a> tag
  • title: title attribute of the generated <a> tag
  • styleClass: class attribute of the generated <a> tag
  • style: style attribute of the generated <a> tag
  • onclick: onclick attribute of the generated <a> tag
  • var: the name of the variable to store the generated URL into. No <a> tag is written.
  • scope: variable scope (“page”, “request”, “session”, “application”), defaults to page scope if not given.

Sub Tags

  • <cilla:param>: Query parameters that are appended to the generated URL. If the parameter name starts with a hash ‘#’, it will replace appropriate placeholders in the URL pattern instead.