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 F E A T U R E S 

This are the features of PatchWork:

   · Catches bad function calls from
           - commodities.library
           - dos.library
           - exec.library
           - gadtools.library
           - graphics.library
           - intuition.library
           - utility.library

   · Reminds you that a minimum OS version is required for special cases.

   · Full debug output, including registers, stack, PC, disassembly and
     SegTracker. As you are used from MuForce!

   · Additionally, the function call will be shown, too!

   · Four different severity levels, threshold adjustable

   · Annoys you with pedantic PatchWork hits... ;-)

PatchWork is NOT:

   · A replacement for Enforcer and/or Mungwall. Use them, too!

   · A system protector that magically 'repairs' bad function calls.
     This is not the philosophy behind PatchWork!