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 I N T R O D U C T I O N 

PatchWork is another system debugging tool like MuForce, Enforcer,
Mungwall, Poolwatch and so on. It also makes it's output to the
debug port, so you should use Sushi to read it, unless you have
got a second Amiga available...

Now, what does PatchWork do?

It all began when I read the exec.library autodocs and started to
wonder if all the warnings and restrictions mentioned in there are
really observed. There was no such tool available (at least I hope
so ;-), so I sat down and wrote a first test version of PatchWork.

I expected to see no single PatchWork hit, but I was wrong. There
are a lot of programs throwing PatchWork hits, recent programs as
well as some old Commodore commands! So there really seems to be a
demand for that tool...

Well, then I constructed a real tool out of PatchWork. I added
better outputs (as known from e.g. Enforcer) and checked even more
restrictions. The result is what you have on your harddisk now.

Please note that this is only a pre-release. It is by far from
being complete, and I expect several bugs. But I want to know if
this tool is also useful for other programmers. If you like it,
please send me a small e-mail.