The release rate is low because flattr4j is mature and stable, and there have been only very few changes to the Flattr API recently.

v2.14 (14.04.2017)

  • Flattr4j Spring Social module is not maintained any more and was removed.
  • FlattrCallable is not Serializable any more.
  • Fixed that tag names with a leading comma were accepted.
  • Removed deprecated code

v2.13 (14.04.2016)

  • Fixed OAuth issue resulting from different Flattr server response (@antennapod)
  • Removed deprecated code
  • Marked OAuth state related code deprecated, as it is not supported by Flattr any more.

v2.12 (09.12.2014)

  • Removed Apache HttpClient dependency. flattr4j now uses Java’s HttpURLConnection.
  • Updated json library.
  • AccessToken and ConsumerKey are now immutable.

v2.11 (26.09.2014)

  • Removed all deprecated code
  • Prepared to make AccessToken and ConsumerKey immutable
  • Fix broken generic definition for GetThingsFromCollectionMethod
  • Implemented upstream API changes (rename no_means to no_money)

v2.10 (29.05.2014)

  • Fixed broken OAuth2 authorization process (Iulius Gutberlet)

v2.9 (22.04.2014)

  • Added new Async module that helps accessing the Flattr server asynchronously. Thanks to Iulius Gutberlet for contributing.
  • Added MiniThing for server results that have been discarded before.
  • RateLimit is serializable and got a copy constructor.
  • In a future release, the OpenService interface will be merged into FlattrService. The merger is prepared in this release.
  • Removed code that was marked as deprecated. You have been warned… ;-)

v2.8 (23.10.2013)

  • Removed unnecessary API limitation of OpenService.getThings()
  • Added new user properties “id” and “active_supporter”

v2.7 (03.05.2013)

  • Removed TwitterUserIdentifier as Twitter is not supported any more
  • Fixed: getThings(Collection) only returned one Thing
  • Improved HTTP Client evaluation on Android devices

v2.6 (05.02.2013)

  • Added Subscription support

v2.5 (20.10.2012)

  • Search supports multiple languages
  • Added a generic UserIdentifier class
  • Added url of the user’s home page
  • Added revenue sharing support to buttons
  • Added method to read the current rating parameters
  • Added evaluation of the rating’s current hits and time until reset

v2.4 (03.06.2012)

  • Added Spring Social Provider module

v2.3 (28.04.2012)

  • Improved Android authentication support
  • Improved logging on Android

v2.2 (01.04.2012)

  • Added full mode support
  • Added email scope
  • Added search for multiple categories
  • Added popout parameter
  • Added logging (Feature #50)

v2.1.1 (02.03.2012)

  • Added support for Apache HttpClient 4.1

v2.1 (26.02.2012)

  • Using git and github for SCM now
  • All deprecated code was removed
  • Minor internal optimizations and cleanups
  • pom files prepared for Maven Central

v2.0 (12.02.2012)

  • Added Partner Site Integration support
  • Added method to list all flattrs of a thing
  • Updated model classes to all API changes up to 11.02.2012

v2.0-rc3 (11.01.2012)

  • Added Search methods
  • Added support for Activities
  • Added Auto Submission URLs
  • Other minor changes to support the latest Flattr API v2

v2.0-rc2 (18.11.2011)

  • Added Thing.merge() for updates by Submission objects
  • Set HTTP timeout of 10 sec. to avoid deadlocks on broken connections
  • Improved network performance
  • Added gzip support

v2.0-rc1 (11.11.2011)

  • Code cleanups and minor API changes

v2.0-beta (03.11.2011)

  • Updated to the new Flattr API v2
  • Major refactoring and API changes due to API v2
  • Integrated OAuth2 support (signpost is not required any more)
  • Maven 3 fixes

v1.2 (10.05.2011)

  • flattr4j is now Android API level 4 compliant
  • Using a hardcoded SSL cert, which is required on Android to connect to Flattr
  • Reworked XML parsers (now Java 1.5 compliant)

v1.1 (04.04.2011)

  • Added method to get a Thing by its URL

v1.0 (26.02.2011)

  • First stable release
  • Minor API change to the services

v1.0-rc1 (02.02.2011)

  • Updated to Flattr API v0.5
  • Added support of undocumented calls
  • Major API refactoring

v0.5 (13.01.2011)

  • Fix: XML header encoding was ignored
  • Flattr service offers new browse method

v0.4 (09.01.2011)

  • Support of the new button designs and sizes
  • Buttons and badges are separated
  • Added service method to search for Things
  • Thing returns an URL to a QRcode PDF
  • Minor API changes to the factory

v0.3 (23.10.2010)

  • Using OAuth 1.0a
  • OUT_OF_BAND mode is supported

v0.2 (17.10.2010)

  • Added Spring support

v0.1 (09.10.2010)

  • First testing release