Class Metadata

    • Constructor Detail

      • Metadata

        public Metadata​(JSON meta)
        Creates a new Metadata instance.
        meta - JSON map of metadata
    • Method Detail

      • getWebsite

        public URL getWebsite()
        Returns an URL to a website providing more information about the ACME server. null if not available.
      • getCaaIdentities

        public Collection<StringgetCaaIdentities()
        Returns a collection of hostnames, which the ACME server recognises as referring to itself for the purposes of CAA record validation. Empty if not available.
      • isExternalAccountRequired

        public boolean isExternalAccountRequired()
        Returns whether an external account is required by this CA.
      • isStarEnabled

        public boolean isStarEnabled()
        Returns whether the CA supports short-term auto renewal of certificates.
      • getStarMinCertValidity

        public Duration getStarMinCertValidity()
        Returns the minimum acceptable value for the maximum validity of a certificate before auto renewal. null if the CA does not support short-term auto renewal.
      • getStarMaxRenewal

        public Duration getStarMaxRenewal()
        Returns the maximum delta between recurrent end date and recurrent start date. null if the CA does not support short-term auto renewal.
      • isStarCertificateGetAllowed

        public boolean isStarCertificateGetAllowed()
        Returns whether the CA also allows to fetch STAR certificates via GET request.
      • getJSON

        public JSON getJSON()
        Returns the JSON representation of the metadata. This is useful for reading proprietary metadata properties.