Class Certificate

    • Method Detail

      • download

        public void download()
                      throws AcmeException
        Downloads the certificate chain.

        The certificate is downloaded lazily by the other methods. So usually there is no need to invoke this method, unless the download is to be enforced. If the certificate has been downloaded already, nothing will happen.

        AcmeException - if the certificate could not be downloaded
      • getCertificateChain

        public List<X509CertificategetCertificateChain()
        Returns the created certificate and issuer chain.
        The created end-entity X509Certificate and issuer chain. The first certificate is always the end-entity certificate, followed by the intermediate certificates required to build a path to a trusted root.
      • getAlternates

        public List<URLgetAlternates()
        Returns URLs to alternate certificate chains.
        Alternate certificate chains, or empty if there are none.
      • writeCertificate

        public void writeCertificate​(@WillNotClose
                                     Writer out)
                              throws IOException
        Writes the certificate to the given writer. It is written in PEM format, with the end-entity cert coming first, followed by the intermediate ceritificates.
        out - Writer to write to. The writer is not closed after use.