Class PebbleITBase

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    AccountIT, OrderIT, OrderWildcardIT, SessionIT

    public abstract class PebbleITBase
    extends Object
    Superclass for all Pebble related integration tests.

    These tests require a running Pebble ACME test server at localhost port 14000. The host and port can be changed via the system property pebbleHost and pebblePort respectively.

    Also, a running pebble-challtestsrv is required to listen on localhost port 8055. The server's base URL can be changed via the system property bammbammUrl.

    • Method Detail

      • pebbleURI

        protected URI pebbleURI()
        The URI of the pebble server to test against.
      • getBammBammClient

        protected getBammBammClient()
        BammBammClient singleton instance.
      • createKeyPair

        protected KeyPair createKeyPair()
        Creates a fresh key pair.
        Created KeyPair, guaranteed to be unknown to the Pebble server
      • assertIsPebbleUrl

        protected void assertIsPebbleUrl​(URL url)
        Asserts that the given URL is not null and refers to the Pebble server.
        url - URL to assert
      • updateAuth

        protected void updateAuth​(org.shredzone.acme4j.Authorization auth)
        Safely updates the authorization, catching checked exceptions.
        auth - Authorization to update
      • updateOrder

        protected void updateOrder​(org.shredzone.acme4j.Order order)
        Safely updates the order, catching checked exceptions.
        order - Order to update