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 H O W   I T   W O R K S 

   Piece of cake: PatchWork just patches some library functions.
If one of them is called, PatchWork checks the passed structures and
parameters and finds out if they meet the AutoDocs specifications.

   If a test should fail, you will be notified through the debug
channel, or through the Sushi output console.

   PatchWork is not made to protect the system from crashing. It won't
correct bad structures and parameters. It just reports what you forgot
and then leaves you alone with that mess.

   In fact, you can even try to crash your program by using the DEADLY

   Note: we can discuss about anything, but not about something you
explicitely MUST or MUST NOT do regarding to the AutoDocs. The AutoDocs
are law! Even if it should work, it is simply wrong to break the rules,
and it will most probably fail in future releases! See the philosophy