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 e x e c . l i b r a r y                                   OldOpenLibrary 

REPORT          obsoleted, use OpenLibrary() instead

SEVERITY        Level 1

EXPLANATION     Not much to say. Just follow the advice! But please
                do NOT just replace it by a lazy OpenLibrary(...,0).
                This isn't much better...

DEADLY          has no effect. Yet...

REMARK          I've got a lot of response on this one. All of them have
                two arguments in common that people gave against this hit.

                The first one is that the AutoDocs do not explicitely say
                not to use this function. Anyhow, this is implied by: "This
                obsolete function is provided so that object code compiled
                using a 1.0 system will still run." To say it in another
                words: this call is only to be used in software that is
                ought to run under Kick 1.0. Obsolete functions must not be
                used in new code!

                The second argument is that you can save 2 (in words: two)
                byte by using this function instead of OpenLibrary(). This
                is ridiculous, IMHO. First of all, let your program have
                10 Open calls (which is rather much), you'd save 20 byte.
                This is no price for future compatibility. Another problem
                is the missing library version checking.