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 e x e c . l i b r a r y                                           Enable 

REPORT          Disable() missing

SEVERITY        Level 2

EXPLANATION     There was an Enable() call though interrupts are already
                enabled. Do not use Disable() to neutralize a following

DEADLY          has no effect.


REPORT          Disable time exceeded (1234 ms)

SEVERITY        Level 3

EXPLANATION     Only if DISABLECHECK has been enabled!

                Autodocs allow to disable interrupts for a maximum of
                250ms. This time has been exceeded. Try to split up the
                code in the disabled section, so interrupts are enabled
                in appropriate time slices. It would be even better if
                you find a solution to avoid disabling the interrupts
                at all.

                This test requires at least an 68020, and will not work
                properly on Amiga emulations.

                It may also occur if the disabled section threw other

DEADLY          has no effect.